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Gulf Coast Humane Society

Gulf Coast Humane Society offers a safe haven for stray animals in the Corpus Christi, TX area. They all have a story behind those eyes to tell. Whether they know their predicament or not, we know this; a shelter animal can, if given a chance, bring untold joy and love to a new family who loves him back. He will give the gifts of friendship and devotion, and will give them unconditionally.

He’ll share his own unique spirit and teach his own unique lessons. He will help us remember our connection to other living beings, and show us the way to making that connection loving and respectful. Honoring these things by adopting a shelter animal is a profound act and expression of compassion, and of the inherent value of animals.

Most importantly, and most basically, it is a happy ending to a shelter animal’s story.....A home. Everyone can help America’s homeless animal tragedy.

Animal Shelter - Corpus Christi, TX - Gulf Coast Humane Society

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Contact Gulf Coast Humane Society today at 361-225-0845.

Gulf Coast Humane Society 3118 Cabaniss Road, Corpus Christi, TX
Gulf Coast Humane Society
3118 Cabaniss Road
Corpus Christi, TX

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Monday to Saturday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
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